Sharkey, Howes & Javer has been in the financial planning industry for more than 30 years and many of our clients have gone through major life milestones throughout this time. Whether it’s deciding to start a family, transitioning to a new career, or navigating retirement, crucial financial decisions need to be made during these life events to set your family up for success. This article is a guide to help you make sound financial choices for you and your family.

Starting a Family

Getting married and having children are some of the biggest life decisions we make. Taking your relationship to the next level, creates numerous financial planning topics to consider. In case of an accident, will your children and family be taken care of? Have you established estate plans with proper beneficiaries and designated guardians? Is funding college education a priority for you? Do you need life insurance? How will you save for retirement with kids? If you feel overwhelmed, it’s normal. To help your family start off on the right foot, consider contacting a financial advisor.

Changing Careers

Starting a new business or switching employers is another important decision that could alter your financial path. Many people do not stay at the same job for their entire working life and studies show employees are changing careers more and more these days. People change jobs for many reasons, maybe it’s to spend more time with family, for a bigger paycheck or to follow a passion. Whatever the reason, here’s a short checklist of financial planning questions to consider while you make a decision:

  • What are my options with my old 401k, 403b or employer plan?
  • What are my healthcare options and costs?
  • How do the new company’s benefits compare to my current benefits?
  • Do you need to reevaluate life insurance or long-term care needs?
  • How will this affect my spending and savings plan?

These are all questions that your financial advisor can help you navigate.


Approaching retirement is an exciting yet stressful time for many people. A realization happens and many questions start to fill our brains. Did I save enough for retirement? How will I spend my time after I retire? What is Medicare and which plans are right for me? When should I take Social Security? Retirement can create uncertainties and lifestyle changes. It is imperative you have a detailed plan and investments that work together for a successful retirement. If you don’t already have a trusted advisor to discuss family planning, career changes and retirement, schedule a free consultation with one of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™.

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