When looking for a Financial Advisor many factors should be evaluated. What are their credentials? Are they CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™? What is their fee structure? These should be questions at the top of your list. In this article, we are going to focus on a less obvious question. Should your advisor be local or national?

What’s the difference?

Local advisors usually have a strong presence in the local community. Most, if not all, of their clients are likely living in the same area. They should have a good network of local referrals. Local advisors should also be well versed in their area’s tax, political, and economic landscape. On the other hand, an advisor with national presence will have clients in multiple states. They may even have more than one location across the U.S. National advisors should have a broader range of knowledge of different state’s tax, political and economic make up.
Here at Sharkey, Howes & Javer, we are physically located in Denver, CO. Most of our clients are from Colorado, however we have a national reach. Our clients relocate and we receive client referrals of family members and friends across the U.S. We are fortunate to have clients across the United States and abroad.

Why Your Local Financial Advisors Needs National Experience

At SHJ, we develop lifelong relationships with our clients and their families. If your situation changes, and you move states or have children who do, it’s good to know you can keep your relationship with your advisor. An added benefit of a local advisor having national experience is helping you think about important topics when you move. What’s the state tax? What are home prices like? Are there different estate planning issues you have to worry about? Your advisor may even have a network or a good starting point for other professional referrals like CPAs and attorneys.

Going Forward

The pandemic of 2020 uprooted families and changed people’s lives. As life changes, it’s reassuring to know your team at SHJ can be a constant. Our technology allows us to do video conferencing. Our national reach allows us to help find trusted referrals such as CPAs and attorneys in your area. SHJ’s roots will always be in Denver, and our national experience can come in handy as your life changes. If you are thinking about moving or if you know someone who is, reach out to one of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ to discuss how we can start or continue a relationship.

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