It’s that time of year again. College campuses are preparing for the return of students for Fall classes. During the pandemic in the fall of 2020 and spring of 2021, colleges looked incredibly different. Students were doing online classes from their parent’s basements and most colleges were ghost towns. No matter what the college environment looks like, here are a few tips that should remain consistent when planning to send your children to college. 

Invest early

Contributing and saving towards college can never start early enough. There are many different vehicles to invest in for college. Some have more flexibility when it comes to using it for something other than college. Other vehicles have certain tax advantages, like a 529 account, and some have better investment options. It is important you weigh the options and choose what is best for your situation. 

Plan early

When students reach Freshman year of High School, planning for college should receive more focus. What subjects and activities are the student interested in? Where do they want to attend school? What are the costs? What schools can the student academically get into? Concentrating on the student’s interest, abilities, and desires early will help make the final decision easier by the time they are Seniors. 

Apply early

The application process for college involves many steps. There are also deadlines to apply which usually are around December or January the Senior year of high school. Sending in early applications could take pressure off waiting till the last minute to hear back from a school on being accepted. 

Don’t wait to plan for college. Talk to a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ at SHJ for guidance and expertise on how to set up your family for college success.

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