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How to Keep Track of Your Passwords

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With the help of the address book in our cell phones, we no longer have to worry about remembering phone numbers when we want to call a friend or family...

The History of the American Stock Market (Part II)

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In Part I we looked at the beginnings of debt markets, and the early days of company stock ownership and trades. The 20th Century saw huge changes in the world’s...

The History of the American Stock Market (Part 1)

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The first stock markets got their start as kings, merchants, and adventurers traveled to new, unexplored lands in search of new riches. But it was the development of new technology...

Weddings: Who is Picking Up the Tab?

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After the champagne has been popped and a new engagement celebrated, reality slowly creeps in as all parties begin to wonder: “who is responsible for paying for this wedding?” Traditionally,...

How Financial Planning Can Make a Difference When a Loved One Passes Away

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Earlier this year, Julie Fletcher, CFP®, received a call from a client informing her that his spouse had unexpectedly passed away. When reflecting on the call, Julie said, “It was...

Inside the Economy with SH&J: Healthcare, Taxes and Trading Partners

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Tune in to our first video edition of Inside the Economy w/ SH&J! The Fed has now raised rates another 0.25% with the possibility of reaching 1.0% by the end…