What Data is Telling Us About Investors and Investing

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We all make assumptions about investors, but what does the data actually say? Today we take a look at recent studies and publications to get more insight into the mind of investors.

Increase in Social Responsibility

Big investment firms and banks are embracing corporate social responsibility, both in their own organization and in their investing. Since the United Nations supported the Principles for Responsible Investment Initiative, there has been a growing network of international investors fighting to practice responsible investing. This new network represents $59 trillion in assets. (source)

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Ready for Retirement

Baby Boomers, who make up the largest population group in the United States, are transitioning into retirement. Experts anticipate that 20% of the population will be over age 65 by 2030, up from 12.4% in 2003. With high numbers moving into retirement, we are likely to see Boomers begin the process of turning their investments into income streams. (source)

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Increase in Female Investors

75% of women report not working with a financial advisor, although women control over $11.2 trillion of the United States’ wealth. As millennials begin investing, we are likely to see an increase in female investors. More women are starting their own businesses and becoming financially savvy, making them more likely to start investing earlier than previous generations. (source)

Low Financial Literacy

29% of United States households own only retirement accounts and 38% of households have no investment accounts. In a survey to understand the financial literacy of investors, it was found that households with only retirement accounts or with no accounts are significantly less knowledgeable than households with taxable accounts. Even among households with taxable accounts, only 60% are considered to have high financial literacy. (source)

Data about investing and investors is fascinating to us. What is equally fascinating is deciding how the data should or should not influence investment strategies. If you are struggling to develop an investment strategy, reach out today for a complimentary consultation. We would love to talk data and investments with you!

You say you work as a team, what does that mean?

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When we founded our firm back in 1990, we knew our success would be based on our work as a whole, not as individual planners. When we put our minds together we are able to come up with more creative plans and specialized solutions for our clients.

As Mimi mentions in the video, our team:

  • is multi-generational
    Having a multi-generational team sets SH&J and our clients up for the long haul.  Our collective years of experience provide a wealth of knowledge for our clients.

  • has a wide array of expertise
    Our team consists of planners who have extensive experience with business owners, college planning, military families, and medical professionals – just to name a few. Because we don’t all specialize in the same things, we are able to offer more to fit each of our client’s unique needs.

  • works together for all of our clients
    While our clients meet with their primary planner on a regular basis, behind the scenes we are all working together to provide each client with the best experience possible. We are constantly bouncing ideas off of one another and meeting in various committees to keep our client’s plans on track.

  • includes a dedicated support staff
    We know we are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with. We have built a phenomenal Client Service  team to free up our planners to do what they do best. Our team is always available to assist with client requests and answer pressing questions.

The team model has worked extremely well for SH&J and our clients. We will continue to build our team with the brightest minds in the business to allow us to serve our clients well for years to come.

If you are interested in learning more about the team model and SH&J, give us a call at 303.639.5100 to set up a complimentary consultation.