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4 Tips for Buying the Right Mountain Retreat

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mountain retreat

The mountains of Colorado welcome vacationers looking for peace, solitude and natural beauty. If you find yourself returning to a mountain community in Colorado, you may wish to consider buying a mountain retreat in Colorado. Here are four tips to keep in mind before you buy.

1. Water and Utilities Access

The remoteness of the location may be what is drawing you to your particular cabin, but before you buy, make sure you have access to utilities. Remote cabins will often run on solar power, but you need to know what it will cost to hook up to the local public utilities if you wish. Also, make sure you understand wells and septic systems and have permission to drill if you need a new well.

2. Home Maintenance When You’re Away

When you are not enjoying your home, who will handle the maintenance? Many mountain communities where people are buying homes or condos for vacation retreats have property management companies. Plan to spend about two percent of the value of the home every year to keep it maintained.

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