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7 Tips to Save for Winter Vacations

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Here in Colorado the snow has started to fly and many people are planning their winter escapes or ski vacations. As you are planning for some winter fun in the next few months, we suggest taking a look at your finances and creating a savings plan to keep the stress meter low and the fun meter high.

Here are 7 tips to save for your winter vacation while saving some additional money along the way:

Calculate the Cost

Start by figuring out how much your trip will cost. Be sure to include flights, transportation, lodging, meals, activities or excursions and souvenirs. If you have dates in mind for your trip, divide the total cost over the number of months you have before your travel. (Cost of Trip / Months Before Travel = Monthly Savings Rate) If the monthly savings goal is too much, consider pushing back your travel dates.

Create a Vacation Account

To keep from dipping into your vacation savings before the big trip, create a separate vacation savings account. Put your vacation savings directly into the account and don’t touch it until it’s time to buy airfare, put down a deposit, etc.

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Five Tips to Keep Your Spending (and Your Stress Level) in Control on Summer Vacation

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Summer. It’s the season most of us spend the rest of the year waiting for. We look forward to vacations, time off and traveling with family and friends, picturing ourselves relaxing and celebrating the good things in life.

But we spend far less time thinking about how we’ll pay for it.

Without a little forethought and planning, a few weeks of fun can turn into months of credit card bills. With that in mind, here are a few tips to keep your summer spending under control so you can make memories without creating a financial burden that could last the rest of the year.

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